By Connecticut by the Numbers

It seems that prospective entrepreneurial businesses and start-up ventures just keep on coming. To Hartford.

reSET, a local non-profit organization supporting social entrepreneurs, has announced the acceptance of 16 Connecticut-based startups into their 2020 Impact Accelerator. The cohort will work together over four months to accelerate individual business growth through peer feedback, mentorship, and one-on-one guidance from reSET. All accepted participants are given access to reSET’s coworking space, located in Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood, to be used as a place of business during the program.

This year’s companies—at various stages of development—address a wide range of issues including immigration, education, sustainable transportation, and sustainable fashion. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of the startups are based in Greater Hartford and all are based in Connecticut.

The pot at the end of the rainbow—or at least substantial encouragement along the entrepreneurial journey—is that the highest rated companies will have the chance to compete in reSET’s Venture Showcase as the four months conclude, for an opportunity to win up to $20,000 in cash awards.

Described as Greater Hartford’s only business accelerator that supports the creation and growth of mission-driven businesses, reSET’s Accelerator has graduated 112 businesses in recent years. Participants have advanced their businesses with progress evident, in numerous instances, as measured by customer acquisition, venture capital investment, and nationwide sales and recognition.

In addition, according to officials, social enterprises impact the city of Hartford in various ways including: creating opportunity for employment, solving a social or environmental challenge, building community wealth and giving back through philanthropy or volunteerism.

Impact Accelerator Alumni, Franz Hochstrasser, co-founder of Raise Green says, “reSET is unique in its design and purpose, since it is set up as the only Social Enterprise Trust that we know of in the state of Connecticut, and that creates a unique place for mission-driven companies like Raise Green to pursue our mission of tackling climate change and income inequality through inclusive financing approaches.”

In addition, reSET has announced a new partnership with Village Capital to receive support as one of six incubators and accelerators around the country that will receive a free license to Village Capital’s award-winning curriculum. Each of the incubators and accelerators will adopt Village Capital’s unique peer-selected investment methodology, which mitigates bias against underserved entrepreneurs. The selected organizations are each focused on building social and financial capital for entrepreneurs in communities that historically have not had access to capital, including Hartford, the Bronx, St. Louis and Atlanta.

Funding for the reSET-Village Capital collaboration was provided by the Travelers.

“As a small commercial insurer, we understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to accessing capital and planning for the future,” said Tara N. Spain, Second Vice President of Community Relations at Travelers.

The participating companies in 2020 are:

Tip$ is a digital tipping service for hotel guests who do not have cash for tipping their room attendant.

our World. Care 4 Your Own LLC  was built to inspire growth and maturity, youth learning and career awareness through books, cartoons, the inspirational magic of music, autism awareness, puppetry, computers, environmental studies, clothing, games, and apps.

Her Move, LLC is a woman-owned boutique recruitment consultancy focused on hiring women into critical leadership positions at growing software companies.

Seedership is a social impact and storytelling platform to help local businesses deepen connections, grow and differentiate from the good they do in their communities.
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Outside the Box uses technology and minimized overhead to offer agency-level marketing expertise and support for a fraction of the cost.

Raggedy Rob Productions The Each One, Teach One Workshop: Where The Journey is More Important Than The Joke.

Flourish Bizcenter LLC provides customized coaching and business support programs to reduce stress for business owners around money and organize their financial chaos so that they can take control of their cash flow.

Mobility Bikes is an initiative that installs private bike-sharing systems in supportive housing facilities so that people can get to the places they need to, when they need to.

Legacy Lineage is committed to providing exceptional child care and family support services through its Entertaining Angels Enrichment Center and partnerships within the Promise Zone community.

Word Scientists provides early childhood educators with high-quality, affordable reading materials and professional training to dramatically improve student learning outcomes.

Moving With Health Oriented Physical Education (H.O.P.E.) is an innovative adaptive fitness, rehab, and learning center that is partnering with social entrepreneurs, teachers, providers, and technologists to dramatically improve the rehabilitation industry so all people can achieve optimal recovery.

The FunAbilities Company is the world’s first destination search service that connects people with accessibility needs to one another and to businesses that serve them.

The Law Offices of Isis M. Irizarry provides high-quality immigration law services, given with compassion and care, tailored to the needs of each individual and family seeking lawful status for themselves and their loved ones.

ImpaCT Training is a sports and wellness organization, providing academic and physical fitness programs to empower the community.

A Spirit of Joy Organic Skin Care is a West Hartford based business that handcrafts organic and vegan skin care products, for all ages and skin types, while prioritizing usage of fair trade ingredients and relationships.

Preppers Meal Prep provides a convenient solution to those who aim to live a healthy lifestyle while saving time. PMP offers macro friendly meals with poultry, seafood, keto & vegan options.