Launched in January 2019, Aquiline Drones is a drone and cloud solutions company based in the Stark Building in downtown Hartford, CT. Founder and CEO Barry Alexander spoke to MetroHartford Alliance Content Manager Nan Price about creating a drone company in a region well-known for aviation.

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NAN PRICE: What is the benefit to having your company located here in Connecticut?

BARRY ALEXANDER: The Hartford Region has a rich history of aviation involvement through companies like Raytheon Technologies Corporation (formerly United Technologies Corporation), Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Kaman Corporation. It’s a very healthy aviation environment, although Hartford is known as “The Insurance Capital of the World.” And for me, it is also home.

The future is bright for drones, which is the current burgeoning industry. In some of our publications, we have claimed that Hartford is becoming the drone capital of the United States. That is a claim we made based on Connecticut having such a rich history of aviation. But it’s also based on the fact that most of the activity within the drone industry is being undertaken by our company, in that we’re building an entire ecosystem—and market for drone and cloud operations.

From a supply chain standpoint, it bodes well that Aquiline Drones is immersed in a rich aviation environment. Also, from an additive manufacturing standpoint, there are a lot of manufacturing companies here. So, when you look at our support, there are companies in Connecticut that will ultimately benefit from our manufacturing efforts.

NAN: What makes Aquiline Drones innovative?

BARRY: We built and own the nation’s aviation-centric cloud. The Aquiline Drones cloud is drone-centric and supports just about every drone operation out there from a management standpoint, as far as command and control, enterprise asset management, flight control, everything from A to Z.

Our cloud is unique in that it’s modular and totally customizable to the customer’s desires. So, if an individual wants to access cloud services to support a drone operation, it’s something we can do. We can also support small businesses or large enterprises, which can use our cloud to support their business initiatives within the ambit of drones.

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Photo 1: Aquiline Drones Founder and CEO Barry Alexander
Photo 2: The Aquiline Drones training space