Where Are They Now? Follow Up with Let’s Start From Scratch Founder Molly Baker

Innovation Destination Hartford spoke with Let’s Start From Scratch Founder Molly Baker in August 2016. (Read the interview: Connecticut Entrepreneur Finds Happiness, Balance in Natural Food Startup.)

Let’s Start From Scratch offers an online order system and provides prepared meals and boutique catering, prepared meals, and cooking classes.

Molly’s business concept was family-inspired and driven by her interest in food and passion for feeding others with healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Innovation Destination Hartford Website Curator Nan Price checked in with Molly to find out what’s new.

NAN PRICE: When we met in 2016, you were building your client base mostly through social media.

MOLLY BAKER: I still use some social media—and I probably should do more, especially with Instagram. Admittedly, the internet game drives me crazy!

As I was starting out, farmers markets helped me get into a comfort zone. I’ve continued to build clientele mostly through word-of-mouth and by being out there. I’ve learned to listen and hear people’s needs whether I’m at a gym, a daycare, or running errands. I’m not afraid to approach someone and say: I couldn’t help but overhear you say you were looking for healthy food options for your family. How can I help?

NAN: With more than two years under your belt, what have you learned on your entrepreneurial journey? Anything you would have done differently?

MOLLY: In the beginning, I was so focused on finding my footing. I hit the ground running. Now I know what to expect. I’ve also learned about saying no, valuing my worth, and taking advantage of what’s best for my business.

I place a lot of importance on working and having happiness—that whole life balance. When I first started out, I was saying yes to everything because I wanted the business. As a solopreneur, I’ve learned from that. I never say no to a job that’s too big—I just give myself the time to get it done.

NAN: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

MOLLY: I love that I’m able to shape my day and feed people well!

NAN: Let’s talk about your involvement with other local businesses.

MOLLY: I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses. I’ve collaborated with other friends who are restaurant owners and been able to get tips and advice. I’ve made connections through the KNOW GOOD Market events run by Breakfast Lunch & Dinner. I also support KNOX events and participate in their markets and fundraisers. Some of these connections have gotten me catering gigs, which has been great.

I’ve also been happy to connect with people who aren’t necessarily doing what I’m doing – I’ve gotten great advice and met people who want me to do well.

NAN: What’s next? Any plans to open a storefront?

MOLLY: I thought I’d grow into a space but honestly, I’m very happy I don’t have a storefront. My business is doing well. I have wonderful repeat customers who love the product and my catering business is growing.

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