Connecticut Legend Charles Goodyear

Learn about the impact of entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, and Connecticut legend Charles Goodyear, who was a self-taught chemist and manufacturing engineer.

Stanley Black & Decker – Leaders of Innovation in CT

Headquartered in New Britain, CT, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of tools and storage, commercial electronic security, and engineered fastening systems.

Entrepreneurial Legend Pepperidge Farm Founder Margaret Rudkin

Connecticut native and Pepperidge Farm Founder Margaret Rudkin was one of the great entrepreneurial leaders of her time.

Barnes Group – A Pioneer of Innovation in CT

From clockmaking to hoopskirts—to advances in plastics and aerospace, the Barnes Group Inc. has been at the forefront of innovation in Connecticut.

Noah Webster: Inventor and Pioneer Journalist

Noah Webster was most famous for being the father of the American dictionary, but he was also a teacher who reformed education, and a pioneering journalist.

Connecticut Clockmaker Eli Terry

Connecticut was at the forefront of innovation in the craft of clock making in the 17th and 18th centuries. No one had a bigger impact on the craft than Eli Terry.

CT Legends of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Bill Rasmussen, Founder ESPN

Fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and a lifelong love of sports, Bill Rasmussen developed the idea of producing sports events for cable television in May 1978.