This article from Connecticut By The Numbers was posted November 15, 2020.

Connecticut is among nine states earning a place in the second tier of the 2020 Milken Institute State Technology and Science Index, a biennial assessment that uses 105 metrics to determine each state’s science and technology capabilities relative to opportunities for job growth and wealth creation.

Connecticut’s highest ranking was at No. 6 on the sub-index of human capital investment. The report explained that the state’s position was “mainly due to the quality of its educational system. Connecticut scored highly for the percentage of adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher (No. 4), rate of adults with a master’s degree (No. 3), and for doctoral engineers and scientists. It also had the No. 2 average ACT scores of any state. Although funding for higher education has fallen somewhat, the state still ranks highly in terms of per-student support. Higher education enrollment rates as a share of the young adult population have been rising, and graduation rates from four-year colleges are also higher than the nation’s average.”  The state ranked 7th in the category in 2018.

Connecticut ranked 8th nationally in Research & Development, and at number 15 in Risk Capital & Entrepreneurial Infrastructure. The state also ranked number 21 in Technology & Science Workforce, number 20 in Technology Concentration & Dynamism.

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