This story by Claire Hall was originally posted on UConn Today October 21, 2020.

Pisces Atlantic Founder Peter Goggins was the grand-prize winner of the Wolff New Venture Competition on Monday evening and the recipient of a $20,000 prize. The annual Wolff competition celebrates five promising UConn-affiliated startups.

“This award is just the beginning for me,’’ Goggins says. “I have so many projects that I plan to put into motion that I believe will help me ‘make a splash’ in the mainstream market.’’

The five startups that participated in the Wolff competition have benefitted from a host of advisers and mentors. Under the guidance of the School of Business’ Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI), founders of 10 startups spent part of the summer learning more about business and tapping the advice of experts. Five of them were selected to participate in the Wolff competition, which was held virtually this year.

According to CCEI Director Jennifer Murphy, this year’s Wolff finalists are some of the best startups that UConn has fielded.

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Photo: Peter Goggins ’21 (CAHNR), whose fish food company Pisces Atlantic has won the Wolff New Venture Competition. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)