Hartford InsurTech Hub hosted its second Demo Day at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, CT on Friday, April 26.

Hartford InsurTech Hub, powered by Startupbootcamp, hosted its second Demo Day at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, CT on Friday, April 26. This year’s theme “AMPLIFY” drew more than 500 attendees and 600+ viewers on the livestream.

Out of 10 startups graduating from the cohort, three have already secured pilots with leading insurance companies within the Hub’s core sponsoring partners: Aetna, Capgemini, Cigna, Clyde & Co, The Hartford, Travelers, USAA, and White Mountains.

The 10 startups showcased technologies that help amplify health, life, and property and casualty insurance companies. Each startup relocated to Hartford for the three-month accelerator program. Three of the startups are from the United States, while the remaining seven have relocated from countries including Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, and Canada.

In addition to securing pilots within Hartford Insurtech Hub’s corporate partners, the startups have also been engaged with local Hartford and Connecticut communities. Through the program, all the participating startups have hired students from the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford as interns. Both universities have established a joint InsurTech course as a result of the Hartford Insurtech Hub’s program and the hired interns are participating in the course.

“We’re seeing an amplified pace in new technology and ideas in the insurance industry globally. Innovation is accelerating and our program partners understand the importance of integrating many innovation methods into their business models and staying connected,” said Dawn LeBlanc, Managing Director for Hartford InsurTech Hub.

The 10 innovative and disruptive teams showcased during Demo Day:

  • Pineapple – South Africa: Offers a fair, transparent, and affinity-based P2P insurance.
  • Handdii – Australia: Created a digital platform that automates the property insurance claim process from FNOL through to claim finalization.
  • Dream Payments – Canada: A FinTech startup that powers digital and mobile

    Canadian FinTech startup Dream Payments presenting at the Hartford InsurTech Hub, Demo Day.

    payment services for business customers.

  • Pitch Gauge – Georgia: A roofing estimating application using mobile devices to do property inspections.
  • Medyear – San Francisco: A social network for healthcare collaboration that connects consumers to more than 190 health systems and 700K doctors to real-time chat, secure email, microblogging, and personal health records.
  • SkyWatch – Israel: A licensed insurance broker in all 50 U.S. states offering a holistic software for on-demand risk-aware solutions for connected, moving platforms.
  • Talem Health Analytics – Canada: Provides data-driven insights on bodily injury claims cost.
  • See Your Box – Switzerland: A tech-service platform that uses industrial IoT tools to collect, analyze, and extract information related to goods across all steps of the supply chain.
  • ClaimSpace –Australia: A platform that bridges the communication gap between customers, insurers, and stakeholders during the claims process.
  • CareValidate – Georgia: Powered by a life-saving light bulb called SafeLight, this startup provides health, safety, and quality of care telematics to transform workers’ compensation, senior living, long-term care, life, and health insurance products with plug-and-play InsurTech solutions.

“Once again, incredible technology companies from around the world have come to our city to learn how to build new products and capabilities that will create value and potentially transform the U.S. insurance industry,” noted Michelle Cote, Managing Director for Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Director of Hartford/East Hartford Innovation Place.

“These visionary entrepreneurs are providing new inspiration to our partners and the community at large. Hartford’s reputation as a significant center of InsurTech activity has certainly been amplified over the past year, and we look forward to even more innovation activity here in the year ahead,” she added.

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