BEEAHOS, Inc. Founder Barbara Elizabeth shares about her entrepreneurial journey.

INNOVATION DESTINATION HARTFORD: Have you always been entrepreneurial or wanted to own your own business?

BARBARA ELIZABETH: I’ve always had a strong interest in being an entrepreneur and business owner. During my 20 years of working salaried and non-salaried positions, I’ve experienced ups and downs in my work career. I must admit I’ve never worked for any one employer for more than two years because of the expectations, demands, and pay.

While graduates were landing high-profile positions in corporate America, I established myself as a business owner after college opening my first brick-and-mortar at age 21. In my early 30s, I worked in the educational system as a design teacher and resigned this year to enjoy a season of relaxation and rest to prepare my mindset for my next venture as a business owner in hospitality design and retail-thrift goods.

IDH: When and why did you launch?

BARBARA: I launched in 2017. The reason I launched BEEAHOS to establish a Christian-based business that caters to a variety of people and their needs. I want to serve people by making their experiences welcoming and life-changing. A gift shop is a perfect business to bring hospitable experiences to the lives of everyone you meet.

IDH: How did you come up with your business concept?

BARBARA: My business concept is still developing. My business name, pronounced BAY-hoaz, stands for Barbara Elizabeth Eclectically Anointed House Of Style. This business represents my versatility, talents, and resources. I believe this is a contributing factor in the way I buy, sell, and merchandise products and services within my store setting.

IDH: Have you utilized any local business resources as you’ve been building your business?

BARBARA: I’m currently working with SCORE to assist in developing my vision and website, along with a team of UConn’s business development professionals who help with business planning.

IDH: Any advice for others who are starting their own businesses?

BARBARA: My advice to business professionals starting their own business is to always take time to journal their ideas in a notebook and include the dates. Let your spirit guide the vision. Take risks throughout your life, especially when you feel your life is at a standstill. Sometimes you may feel like you’re going in circles to reach your goal; you are. You have to walk by faith. It’s an intuition in knowing you’re destined for greatness even if it seems impossible.

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