Join the Hartford Chamber of Commerce and HYPE (Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs) Thursday, July 30 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. for Kickstart Our Hart.

The event will bring together our community to brainstorm solutions to the challenges faced by Hartford businesses during COVID-19 through group collaboration and friendly competition. Open to all, this event is geared toward for those who love Hartford, those who want to support local business owners, and those who are looking to use their entrepreneurial skills for good.

Similar to a hackathon event, Kickstart Our Hart will break participants into small teams to select a challenge, brainstorm creative solutions, and pitch their idea to judges.

“What’s great about a city the size of Hartford is that everyone has an opportunity to innovate here—and that innovation can make a real, tangible difference,” says Leadership Greater Hartford President and CEO Chris Duffy, who will be a judge and guest speaker at the event. “I also think that inclusion of those who were previously left out is born out of innovation,” he adds.

“Innovation is at the heart of Hartford,” emphasizes Nassau Innovation Program Manager Laura Dinan Haber, who will also be a judge and guest speaker at Kickstart Our Hart. “Inviting a diverse and creative community to brainstorm innovative solutions enables teams to positively impact the community as we continue to navigate our current realities.”

Hear from local innovators and well-known thought leaders as we Kickstart our Hart and help Hartford continue to be a great place to live, work, and play.

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