This article by Ronni Newton originally appeared on April 3, 2018.

West Hartford resident Annisa Teich (pictured) began a relationship with West Hartford Coworking last September, with a contract to manage and market the space, and it was announced this week that she and her mother, Annette Farese of Bradenton, FL, have purchased the business through their family-run investment firm, Bromleigh Ventures, LLC.

Teich said that the arrangement provided perfect synergy—an ideal space for her to run her own marketing and social media firm, The Small Business Collective, and at the same time assist some of the members with their marketing and business development needs.

West Hartford Coworking was founded by John Paul Vasellina, and opened its doors at 967 Farmington Avenue in October 2016, immediately attracting a diverse group of professionals looking for flexible office space.

“I founded West Hartford Coworking because I had the need for a space to work outside of my home while employed remotely for a San Francisco-based company,” Vasellina said in the announcement. “I quickly found there was no shortage of people just like me who liked the buzz and social interaction of a shared office setting.”

Since then, Vasellina has changed jobs and works full-time in an office at his local employer. When Teich learned that Vasellina was thinking of shutting down the coworking space, she decided to partner with her mother—who was looking for a business opportunity—and the pair purchased it.

“It’s rare to get to test drive a business,” Teich said, but once she started managing West Hartford Coworking, she knew that she could grow that business. Buying it, she said, “made so much sense.”

Under Teich’s active management, West Hartford Coworking has more than doubled, and grown to 25 “daily” members with full access to the 2,000 square foot space. There are others who contract just for use of the conference room or an unassigned “hot desk.”

They are at about 90% capacity, Teich said, and actively looking for new and larger quarters in West Hartford.

Members already come from a wide variety of industries, and Teich said she is focused on attracting start-ups, independent entrepreneurs, and other small businesses looking for affordable workspace.

“With so much recent attention focused on technology, specifically in the insurance industry, we’re looking to drive additional focus toward main street to help support businesses that are not technology-focused, but can be technology-enabled,” Teich said in her announcement. ”Providing a space to be productive, learn how to better manage and grow small businesses, and collaborate with others in the community is at the core of our vision.”

West Hartford Coworking currently offers flexible, month-to-month memberships options. A full membership is $349 per month, and includes a dedicated desk that is available 24/7, five hours of conference room time per month, and unlimited copies and printing.

“And all the free coffee you can drink,” Teich said.

The workspace also includes a rooftop deck with strong WiFi for those who need a little Vitamin D.

Other options include a part-time membership for use of a “hot desk” during business hours (conference room time, printing and copying, and coffee is included), and the conference room is also available for use at $40 per hour.

Members can also purchase parking passes to the Town Center garage.

West Hartford Coworking will be hosting a variety of events throughout the month of April, and on an ongoing basis, Teich said. Upcoming events include a “Fireside Chat” with tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar on April 23, and an “Ask the Influencers” session with local Instagram experts like Rachel Moore of “Pinteresting Plans” and Jenn Huang of “ChowtownCT” on April 18.

“I’m excited to provide these opportunities to the community,” Teich said. These speakers are addressing topics about which people always have a lot of questions, and she’s looking forward to bringing people together for the experience.

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