Connecticut entrepreneur Stephanie Bealing (pictured right) and her partner Julia Rosenfield co-founded Smashe Consulting in May 2020. Smashe’s ultimate goal is to expand opportunities for women in business.

Stephanie shares about selling her first company (“Can I still call myself an entrepreneur if I don’t own a company?”) and intentionally creating a new company to be “drastically different” than her last. (“I didn’t know exactly what my next company was going to be, but I knew what it was not going to be.”)

Read about how she questions her new endeavor:

“Did I always stick to the same genre? Did I always run my companies the same way? Or did I have a wild variety of entrepreneurial experiences upon which I could fondly reminisce? All this introspection led me to realize, I wanted my next company to be drastically different than my last.”

And, find out how Stephanie finds her niche and decides to team up with a co-founder with opposite and complementary strengths (using Clifton Strengths assessment).

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