Thank you to our panelists Leslie M. Gomez of LMG Photography and Jane Krantz of Afterglow Studio for sharing their experiences and insights as business owners surviving through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our event, Surviving: Keeping the Lights On is now available for viewing.

Lightbulb Moments

Key topics included embracing the pause during the pandemic and taking time to work on versus in your business.

“That pause was necessary,” notes Jane, who took time to question, “How can I pull all my skills together and make this happen?” as she was opening a yoga studio.

“Taking that pause helped me find value—in my professional life and personal life,” says Leslie. “It’s important as entrepreneurs to take a pause,” she emphasizes. “During that pause I found my value in what I could offer the world.”

The entrepreneurs also discussed taking risks and fear of failure.

“Think of failure as lessons,” advises Leslie. “Use failures as steppingstones to get to where you’re going.” She adds, “We all have fear…if you don’t jump, you don’t know how high you can jump.”

In terms of the future, they both spoke about having goals and taking baby steps.

“You can’t focus too much on the end goal,” says Jane. “It’s more about the journey, meeting people, connecting with people, learning new skills, and growing through it.”

Coming Up Next…

Our series about Surviving, Thriving, and Illuminating continues later this summer. Mark your calendar and join us for 30 minutes of real-life conversation with local entrepreneurs on August 17.

Illuminating: Thriving panelists Brenda Mierzejewski, CEO of Mizzi Cosmetics, and Shaun Chambers, CEO and Founder of BODYROC Fit Lab and Founder of Smash Avenue, will talk about growing their businesses during and post-pandemic.