Original post date: November 24, 2015

Since I began working on Innovation Destination Hartford, I have had the opportunity to meet talented, resourceful, innovative, entrepreneurs from all types of industries who have great things to say about starting and growing their businesses in Greater Hartford.

Here’s a list of 7 reasons why:

1. Hartford Has Entrepreneurial Resources

“Working in Hartford is a great choice for a startup. Commercial real estate is affordable and the talent is great. There are a lot more resources and tools available here for startups and small businesses than ever before,” says Phill Giancarlo, Co-Founder, Wearsafe Labs, Inc.

2. Hartford Has Potential 

“Hartford has the potential for developing creative industries.” says new media and interactive artist Balam Soto, who is Founder and Lead Creative Mind at Open Wire Lab. “Hartford is a good place for makers to develop products, launch them and develop them,” he adds.

3. Hartford Has A Diverse Community

“I love the community and the diversity,” says John Gale, attorney at the law offices of John Q. Gale, LLC. “Everyone feels a part of the same thing. And I love seeing downtown Hartford bring us all together.”

4. Things Are Happening in Hartford

“What’s so cool about working in Greater Hartford is that you can be in a capital city—a small capital city—and with the right idea you can get to the right people and really start to get things going,” says Mark Borton, Founder of Rising-Tide Health Care, LLC.

5. Greater Hartford Has A Strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

“There’s a really vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem,” according to Makaela Kingsley, Director of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. “We are lucky to be a part of this community,” she adds.

6. Connecticut Has Culture and Talent

“Connecticut has a wealth of access to funding, culture and talent,” according to Rosie Gallant, Director of Programs, reSET.

7. Anything Is Possible in Hartford

“I love that Hartford is a small place full of people with big ideas. Anything is possible and things get done. If you can envision it, you can do it in Hartford,” says Community Leader LB Muñoz, who is involved with Hartford’s annual Night Fall event.

About the Author
Nan Price is Website Curator for Innovation Destination: Hartford.