Connecticut startup breweries are all the buzz right now. Innovation Destination Hartford has had the pleasure of touring several throughout the Greater Hartford area. Check out our feature stories to see what’s brewing. Cheers!

Alvarium Beer Company

[Photo: Alvarium Beer Company co-founders Brian Bugnacki (left), Mike Larson (right), and Chris DeGasero (seated).]

“One of the great things about the Connecticut beer community is that everyone is willing to help each other out,” says Alvarium Beer Company Co-Founder Chris DeGasero.
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Back East Brewing Company

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Black Hog Brewing

Business advice from Tom Sobocinski, Co-Owner at Black Hog Brewing: “I think it’s important in any business to always continue to innovate and try new things while maintaining great quality and good customer service.”
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Boondoggle Beers

“I’ve always felt that I was entrepreneurial, but I’ve also always been frozen by fear of failure. So, I haven’t really done anything in an entrepreneurial sense—until now,” says Boondoggle Beers Founder Micah Kerr. “I should’ve just embraced my entrepreneurial side and done something years ago!”
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Brewery Legitimus

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Broad Brook Brewing Co.

“This business is recession-proof. When times are good people drink; when times are bad they drink some more,” according to Tom Rossing, Co-Founder of Broad Brook Brewing Co. in East Windsor, CT. “Craft beer is growing and increasing its growth percentages every year.”
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Cold Creek Brewery

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Connecticut Valley Brewing Company

[Photo: The Connecticut Valley Brewing Team (left to right): Maxx McNall, Marketing Assistant; James Dodd; Cellerman, Andrew Blakeslee; Cellerman, Steve Palauskas, Owner; Ashley Blanchard, Director of Operations; and Jay Desroches, Head Brewer.]

“Local breweries definitely help each other out,” says Connecticut Valley Brewing Company Owner Steve Palauskas. We ask each other questions or ask for supplies. Everyone works together. It’s a good environment.”
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Firefly Hollow Brewing

“Last year we went from three guys and a dream to having four full-time employees, about seven part-time employees, and a very sustainable business on a growth trend,” says Firefly Hollow Brewing Co-Founder Bill Collins.
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Hog River Brewing Company

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Labyrinth Brewing Company

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New Park Brewing

[Photo: New Park Brewing staff (left to right) Christian Schrader, Alex Dee, John Doyle, and Tom Atkins.]

New Park Brewing​ Co-Founder John Doyle on the importance of partnerships: “Having people you can trust in, depend on, and believe in is huge. If you don’t have that strong partnership, it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s not going to work.”
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Olde Burnside Brewing Company

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Outer Light Brewing Company

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Powder Hollow Brewery

Michael McManus, Owner of Powder Hollow Brewery, on his outlook for the future of the company: “The two- to five-year year plan is in my head, but it’s always happening faster then you’re prepared, which is great. It’s a lot to manage this much growth so quickly.”
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Relic Brewing

“I always wanted to own my own business,” says Mark Sigman, Founder of Relic Brewing. “When I reached a point in my life where it was realistic, I researched a lot of different business opportunities. In the end the one I thought was most viable was opening a brewery.”
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Still Hill Brewery

“Along with the tremendous growth in craft beer in Connecticut, there is a strong market desire for locally crafted beers. It’s the perfect time to start a brewery in Connecticut,” notes Scott Barbanel, Head Brewer and Founder, Still Hill Brewery
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Thomas Hooker Brewery

Thomas Hooker Brewery President Curt Cameron on innovation: “If anything, our big challenge is that we are not the new guys anymore. How do you stay relevant and exciting? I think it’s by creating not only great product but having a great facility, like being located in the Colt building.”
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Urban Lodge Brewing Co.

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Witchdoctor Brewing Company

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