This article from Connecticut By The Numbers was posted April 15,2021.

Women In Bio (WIB), a national organization of professionals committed to promoting the careers, leadership and entrepreneurship of all women in the life sciences, chose Connecticut as home to its 14th and newest chapter.

“The Connecticut life sciences ecosystem has affirmed its footing in the biotech community,  and the women leading the new WIB-Connecticut chapter have worked tirelessly to build a strong community of life science leaders with a bright future,” said Kayla Valdes, Ph.D., WIB President and Board Chair.

WIB-Connecticut provides career and personal development programming to cultivate the pipeline of women scientists in Connecticut and support their advancement and retention to supply the state’s growing biotech industry.

“Innovation and creativity thrive through collaboration and networks; however, many of these biotech networks are traditional and male-dominated,” said Morag Grassie Ph.D., WIB-Connecticut Membership Co-Chair. “The launch of WIB-Connecticut is bringing together micro-networks of women who can unite across Connecticut to identify and increase the visibility of talented women scientists.”

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