Female entrepreneurs are a thriving part of the commerce community around the world. Whether you’re exploring options to start a business, you want to improve a business that already exists, you need to apply for a business loan, or you are searching for government contracting opportunities, there are many resources that can help you achieve your goals. Many groups are committed to advocating on the behalf of both women and minorities in business, striving to create economic opportunities. Female business owners can also tap into a vast network of support and services to secure venture capital and make connections with mentors.

Innovation Destination Hartford is pleased to share contributed resources for women in business—near and far. This comprehensive list from Zen Business comes to us courtesy of Seattle-based media specialist Anna Jones.

In addition to a variety of startup tips and guides for female entrepreneurs and small business owners, topics include:

  • How to Start a Business
  • Write Your Business Plan
  • Business Finances

Access the complete list of Resources for Women