Incorporate this discipline and watch yourself take off!

Once something lands on your plate, your desk, your to-do list, etc, complete this decision tree within 2-15 seconds of that thing landing:​

  1. DO – Can this be done right now within 2-5 minutes? Yes = Do it. No = Go to the next “D”
  2. DELEGATE – Can this be delegated to someone else? Yes = Delegate it.  No = Next “D”
  3. DEFER – Can this be deferred and added to your calendar?  Yes = Put in on your calendar.  No = The last “D”
  4. DELETE – Delete this thing!

Crush obstacles to your productivity and priorities!

About the Author
Robert Kwasnicki is Founder of Digital Marketing Partner. Read our interview to learn more about his marketing company mission, future plans, and commitment to working with local startups and entrepreneurs.