By Hartford Business Journal Web Editor Zachary Vasile

A Hartford-based aerial drone company is partnering with nonprofit technology incubator MakerspaceCT to roll out mobile manufacturing units it says will bring new job opportunities directly to American households.

Aquiline Drones, which manufactures remotely piloted miniature aircraft, said it will soon be accepting pre-orders for its “Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod,” a prefabricated module that can house up to three workers. The sets hold interconnected test electronic components and assemblies needed to produce drones in almost any location with minimal overhead, according to company officials.

Aquiline is partnering with MakerspaceCT to bolster capacity in prototyping, sourcing materials and ultimately distributing the product.

MakerspaceCT officials said the pods—which can be set up at community centers, schools, warehouses or private residences—will serve as a boon to remote workers and would-be entrepreneurs.

“We are redefining manufacturing and assembling goods in a post-COVID-19 world,” said Aquiline Drones CEO Barry Alexander.

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Photo: Barry Alexander (right), CEO of Aquiline Drones, with his chief strategic advisor, Brooks Bash, a retired Air Force lieutenant general in Aquiline’s Stark Building offices in downtown Hartford. (Photo courtesy Matt Pilon, Hartford Business Journal)


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