October 1, 2015

CCAT: Creating Opportunities Through Innovation

Honoring Ellit Ginsberg 1947 – 2020

Connecticut Legend Charles Goodyear

Learn about the impact of entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, and Connecticut legend Charles Goodyear, who was a self-taught chemist and manufacturing engineer.

Stanley Black & Decker – Leaders of Innovation in CT

Headquartered in New Britain, CT, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of tools and storage, commercial electronic security, and engineered fastening systems.

Entrepreneurial Legend Pepperidge Farm Founder Margaret Rudkin

Connecticut native and Pepperidge Farm Founder Margaret Rudkin was one of the great entrepreneurial leaders of her time.

Barnes Group – A Pioneer of Innovation in CT

From clockmaking to hoopskirts—to advances in plastics and aerospace, the Barnes Group Inc. has been at the forefront of innovation in Connecticut.

Noah Webster: Inventor and Pioneer Journalist

Noah Webster was most famous for being the father of the American dictionary, but he was also a teacher who reformed education, and a pioneering journalist.

Connecticut Clockmaker Eli Terry

Connecticut was at the forefront of innovation in the craft of clock making during the 17th and 18th centuries and Eli Terry had a big impact.

Simon Konover: Greater Hartford Real Estate Entrepreneur

Simon Konover was founder of the Simon Konover Company, a successful real estate development company based in West Hartford, CT.

Samuel and Elizabeth Colt: Pioneers in Gun Design and Manufacturing

Hartford, CT-based entrepreneur and inventor Samuel Colt made a significant contribution to the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Hal Taylor’s Innovative Work with UTC and NASA

Hal Taylor worked with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) during its years working for NASA. His experiences offer us a unique viewpoint on the immense collaboration the space program demanded and provide an intimate look at the work that was done.

Innovator and Manufacturing Pioneer Joseph Gerber

Connecticut innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur Joseph Gerber spearheaded computer-automated manufacturing systems for many industries.

Connecticut Legend: Hamilton Standard

Learn about the role Connecticut-based Hamilton Standard played in in the development of space suits.

Connecticut Legend Frederick Rentschler

Frederick Rentschler was an American aircraft engine designer, innovator, and entrepreneur,

Connecticut Legends Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney

Connecticut’s beloved airline manufacturer owes its heritage to Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney.

Innovator and Radio Technology Pioneer Franklin Doolittle

Radio technology pioneer Franklin Doolittle created a Hartford-area radio station and developed audio technology that has become commonplace.

Entrepreneur Charles Kaman, Designer of Helicopters and Ovation Guitars

Charles Kamen’s contribution to Connecticut entrepreneurship and innovation ranks with inventors including H. Joseph Gerber, Robert Jarvik, and Igor Sikorsky.

CT Legend Bill Rasmussen, Founder ESPN

Serial entrepreneur Bill Rasmussen talks to corporations and universities worldwide about entrepreneurship, innovation and business development.