Innovation Destination Hartford met with Hartford-based entrepreneur Carmen Veal in December 2017 and learned the value of not giving up (read the interview: Woman Entrepreneur, Innovator, Event Strategist).

In June 2018, Carmen celebrated her five-year business anniversary and, after nine years in business for herself, shared some tips she learned along the way in her entrepreneurial exploration. She says she’s currently planning her next celebration and notes that growth is clearly a life-long journey.

  1. Plan all the way until the end.
  2. Your plans won’t always work out. And that’s okay.
  3. Most people will disappoint you. It isn’t always you, they’re just functioning at their own highest level of consciousness, which may not align with your own. It’s okay to meet them where they are—and leave them there.
  4. You’ll disappoint people. And you’ll need to do the work to get your life together. Because it’s unhealthy to go through life hurting people, even unconsciously.
  5. You’ll learn you should work smarter not harder.
  6. Practice humility and work hard so you’re not driven by, or showing up as, your ego.
  7. Care less about those who don’t support you and more about those who do.
  8. Silent cheerleaders are some of the best people you don’t always know you have in your corner.
  9. When someone doesn’t understand the investment they are making by paying for your services, or they think you’re too expensive, it really means they can’t afford you and they’re not the type of customer you want.
  10. Value your time. Don’t allow other people to waste it.
  11. The universe will give you what you need exactly when you need it.
  12. “When you get, give and when you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelou

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