Innovation Destination Hartford met with Relic Brewing Owner and Head Brewer Mark Sigman in April 2016 (read the interview: Entrepreneur Brewer: Relic Brewing). Since its launch in 2012, Relic has been brewing a variety of craft beers and “keeping pace with the industry,” which, as Mark noted back in 2016, is how to be successful.

Another inroad to success: The brewery recently added a taproom whisky bar where customers can order 0.5-oz or 1-oz pours from more than 800 spirits. Rotating whisky, mezcal, tequila, rum, or gin flights will also be available.

“Since August we’ve been quietly accumulating a truly world-class collection of fine and rare spirits to complement our beer, and we’re thrilled to finally get the word out so that people can come and experience this for themselves,” said Mark.

“What we’ve created is unlike anything we know of in the country and we truly believe is at the forefront of what’s new in the increasingly popular craft food and beverage scene. Our customers have so far been shocked, delighted, and returning for more—more flavors, more education, and best of all, more fun,” he added.

What makes Relic innovative? According to brewery, it’s the staff’s passion and depth of knowledge. And the fact that customers can experience the tasting in an informal setting. Relic’s innovation is the combination of approachability, affordability, and expertise paired with craft beer, the brewery noted.

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Photo courtesy Peter Morrone