In 2016, I was ready to start my journey as an entrepreneur. Knowing little to nothing about the journey, I took a leap of faith and I jumped while afraid. I had been practicing as a registered nurse for the past 13 years and, although I was very passionate about my career, I had experienced burnout and I felt that workplace politics did not allow us to care for our patients with integrity and best care practices. I was no longer fulfilled.

I began finagling with photography in December 2015, after receiving a camera from my husband for my birthday. I taught myself how to use the camera and mastered the camera in about three months. You’re probably wondering how did I do that in such a short amount of time? Well, I am, too! I Googled and Googled then YouTubed and YouTubed, I reached out to a couple of photographers in the area who inspired me with their work, and I took pictures of everything in sight.

The more I assisted families and individuals with creating memories, the more it brought a sense of self-satisfaction, which compelled me to work with women who were looking to redefine and rediscover themselves whether personally, professionally, or both. The goal for every shoot was to encourage them to give themselves permission to take free rein of their emotions and to indulge in their self-confidence while celebrating themselves fearlessly and unapologetically. I push authenticity. Although we are inspired by many, we are our own mold and that is why people love, follow, and support us.

Fast forward three years later, after discovering who my ideal clients were, I realized that photography was more than just photography, it was more than just a job, it was more like a ministry. I enjoyed pouring into my clients and watching them find themselves within the lens, some at the cost of visiting feelings and places they didn’t want to revisit. Some ended as a therapy session; I was okay with that. I was and am fulfilled.

Talk about value proposition! It was at this very time in my career that I figured out what made me different than others in my field. My unicorn capabilities or my super powers were that I was able to creatively direct clients to tap into their self-confidence subconsciously while allowing them to move naturally and capture them in way that shows their true self or their emotions at that moment. The ability to story tell! It was then I discovered my niche. I realized there were many women like me who were in transition whether it was career wise or just life, and I wanted to help them do it in the most impactful, dopest way.

As a personal brand photographer, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, but I survived it all and, guess what? I. Would. Not. Change. One. Thing.

Because of my experiences, I wholeheartedly love assisting creatives and entrepreneurs to unfold their vision through visual storytelling. LMG Photography will be expanding our services and will bring you a branding coaching program tailored for startups or for those who are looking to up level their brand and home in on their brand messaging, amongst other things.

But, while you’re waiting for the launch, if you’re looking to take your brand to another level and not sure how to do it or would like to know more information about personal branding photography and how it can help you grow your business, schedule a Free Personal Brand Consultation. It’s more than a photoshoot it is an experience and we look forward to hearing your story.

About the Author
LMG Photography Founder Leslie M. Gomez is an award-winning, published professional photographer located in Hartford, CT.

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Photos courtesy Time Frozen Photography