By Jeannette Punsoni Dardenne

Clients often ask me about the services I offer, which are strategy and marketing.

When they ask, here is my answer: I look at things through a strategic lens whenever I start working on a project. It’s hard for me to help a business market themselves if the “back end” isn’t in order.

Here’s an example: We start developing your messaging and roll it out on your website. But now we realize that your website isn’t working properly. And then we notice that the process for ordering your services is broken.

What’s going to happen? You, lovely client, will get upset with me. Even though we developed wonderful wording to explain what you offer, no one will notice because your back end isn’t working.

So, if we start developing a strategy from the beginning together, we can make sure that when it’s time to implement amazing marketing techniques, they will work!

About the Author
Business and marketing strategist Jeannette Punsoni Dardenne is Owner of INGroup Creative, an Advisor at the University of Hartford Entrepreneurial Center and Women’s Business Center, and Co-Owner of Eat IN Connecticut.