Hartford Entrepreneur Encourages Entrepreneurship

Find out how Hartford entrepreneur Tahara Chapman is using her array of credentials as a business owner and a realtor to help people feel confident about themselves.

CT Entrepreneur Makes an Impact Through Consulting and Mentoring

Tracy Allen is a mentor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She launched TVA Consulting to help nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

Kiyomi Beauty Founder Shares Entrepreneurial Journey

"I’m very new to entrepreneurship, but I’m loving the high highs and even the low lows, because I feel like both have helped me get to this point where I am able to say that Kiyomi could potentially be something very big in the near future, says Kiyomi Beauty Founder Eliana Cardeno.

Small Business Owner Transitions into Entrepreneur Coaching

Beth Bolton is taking her years of entrepreneurial experience and launching a new consulting business, where she will focus on coaching and mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs.

CT-Based Woman-Minority Owned Small Tax Firm

"If you’re providing value and have a great service/product people will pay what it is worth. Stay focused and persevere through all trials and tribulations that will come your way," says Whitehead Tax and Financial Services LLC founder Amber Whitehead.

Girls For Technology Encourages and Empowers Youth

"It’s exciting to see the business growing. It’s even more exciting to see it making a difference in young girls’ lives. We’re hoping to scale the organization across the state and increase awareness of our programming and initiatives," says Sabrina Tucker-Barrett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Girls For Technology.

CT Women-Owned Wellness Startup Embraces Health Tech

“The more you incorporate into a community of entrepreneurs, the more you gain. They’re excited to share with you lessons they’ve learned so you don’t make the same mistakes. Since I’ve learned to network with likeminded people, our company has picked up major momentum,” says Solstice Strategy Partners, LLC Co-Founder Delanea Davis.

Women’s Empowerment Center Director Helps Encourage Professional Prosperity

“We’re helping the Hartford community launch new startup businesses from minority women who are looking to create their own legacies,” says Tenesha Grant, Director of Women’s Services at the CRT’s Women’s Empowerment Center.

Small Business Spotlight: Sweet Equations

"I see Hartford as the economic engine of the state with more businesses and people moving back into the area in the next few years," says Sweet Equations Owner Sade Owoye.

CT Entrepreneur Founds Social Impact Publishing Company

"I feel like I pivot all the time because, as a business owner, you have to take chances and try things," says Publish Your Purpose Press Founder Jenn T. Grace.