May 15, 2024

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timeline journey of unsurance industry focused on Hartford companies

The Start Of America’s insurance industry – How It All Started

The history of America’s insurance industry is one of innovation and resilience. Hartford, Connecticut, played a central role in this story. In the 1700s, Hartford was a busy river port. Over time, it became the main hub for insurance in the United States. This blog post looks at how Hartford grew to be the center

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Explore key Hartford startups in 2024, leading in fintech, healthcare, and more.

Complete List of Startups To Watch Out For in Hartford for 2024

Walking around the city lately, it seems like you can’t go very far without hearing about a new tech venture or app being dreamed up. And the numbers back it up – since 2018, over 700 new startups have launched within city limits. Of those, about 167 are focused squarely on technology. It’s been really

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